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Edge Lit Glass Panel

Edge-lit Glass


Edge-lit Glass

Edge-lit glass panels are a product of truly breath taking beauty, that’s also versatile and incredibly functional.

Our craftsman work with glass and leading edge energy efficient concealed LED light sources to produce X-EDGE edge-lit glass panels that are alive with light, sculptured dimensional detail and subtle tone

Edge-lit glass panels can be used practically anywhere you’d use glass and in thousands of applications yet to be discovered, turn it on and your design reveals itself, suspended in transparent glass, lit - but with no sign of lighting. The effect is beautiful, and it’s in a class of its own.

X-edge glass panels have been used for edge-lit glass balustrade, edge-lit glass stairs, edge-lit glass partitions, edge-lit glass splash-backs, edge-lit glass table tops, edge-lit glass floors, edge-lit room dividers & edge-lit glass signage.

Glass is everywhere X-Edge transforms it into something altogether more impressive whether it’s for a one-off art commission or an illuminated architectural feature,

It starts with an idea then illuminate it with X-Edge.